Architects Certificate

A no-hassle, straight forward, six year structural certificate for self-builders & developers Building a new house from scratch or converting a barn perhaps? Need a mortgage?... Want to draw down some of that building loan from the bank?... Well here’s the good news: We can provide you with the Council of Mortgage Lender’s pre-approved Professional Consultant’s Certificate for less than what you’d pay the ‘Big Guys’ for a warranty and we won’t hassle or hinder you, better still we’ll give you all the free, friendly advice you’ll need with a structural certificate at the end of it.

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1. Chris 17/11/2013

Hi my mum built and sold a new build bungalow six months later the shower is leaking behind the wall, she has a cml certificate which is for structural, although my mum has sold is she still liable to fix this or any other problems cheers

2. Denstone Chartered Surveyors 03/09/2012

Although strictly speaking an architects certificate is not a warranty (in the industry sense of the word) it does offer great value for money and enables a sale or re-mortgage to go through. The monitoring made by chartered architects and surveyors is far superior to any monitoring made by the NHBC.

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